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Re: Gnome classic mode

+++ Jonathan Carter [2012-09-11 12:34 -0400]:
> On 11/09/2012 11:32, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > Can we move on now? I don’t even understand how a *one-time warning*
> > explaining a user that his desktop will look different from what he
> > might obtain on another Debian machine can even be a serious topic of
> > discussion for debian-devel.
> I think I can explain it to you. Many people who install Debian for the
> first time do now know what Gnome is (or even Gnome Classic), nor do
> they realise that they could or choose something else from the session
> menu if they don't want to see a message telling them that something is
> broken.

If the message tells people to select 'gnome classic' in the logon
menu to make it go away then that seems reasonable to me.

(I've never seen this message as I switched to XFCE before gnome3 came

I'd be happy if xfce was the default. Which is better depends if one
prefers 'dull-but-works-everywhere' over
'shiny-but-not-universaly-liked'.  I can see reasonable arguments in
favour of either.

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