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Re: Gnome classic mode

Thomas Goirand writes ("Re: Gnome classic mode"):
> Another thing: upstream decided to display a warning. I'm not sure it is
> the role of Debian to decide they are wrong.

One of the points of having a distro is that a distro (being an entity
with a better view of the bigger picture and a closer connection to
the user) can make decisions to do things differently to upstream.

It is not the job of Debian to do precisely what upstream think best.
It is our job to do what /we/ think best.  That's how Free Software

In particular it is precisely the role of Debian to diverge from
upstream wherever we think it best to do so.  That includes an
assessment of the amount of effort it would cost us to do so, of
course, but in this case the amount of effort to disable the warning
is going to be negligible.  So now that we are thinking about the
question (and going to the effort of making a decision about it) we
should make our own judgement about whether that warning is valuable.

I'm not sure of my actual opinion about the warning because I'm not
sure of the technical background.  But I think Debian should try to be
remain good and useable even on machines with poor or no 3D graphics
support, and not be seduced by bling and try to compete with the likes
of Apple.  There are many more people in the world whose computers
don't have the latest shinies.


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