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Re: Enabling uupdate to simply remove files from upstream source

On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 11:41:24PM +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> >  2. There was one vote from Gregor Hermann to use the --repack option
> >     of uscan.  I personally admit that I do not fully agree with
> >     Gregor that this means changing the semantics of an existing option.
> >     We are just repackaging and without the additional information in
> >     debian/copyright the functionality remains exactly the same.
> Sorry if I was unclear here: actually I don't really like to re-use
> --repack because the "new" --repack would do something else (i.e:
> more) than the "old" repack.
> >     Gregor made also the remark that he likes the pkg-perl teams
> >     method of doing things because once d/watch is adjusted you don't
> >     have to do anything besides calling uscan.  I consider the method
> >     I like to suggest here as serving the very same purpose
> Sure, I guess I will get used to adding "--$option" instead of just
> using plain uscan, if needed :)

When reading this I wonder whether we actually will need any command
line option at all?  Shouldn't it rather be the other way around that we
want to *prevent* repackaging in some cases if Files-Excluded is set and
otherwise just to the repackaging as a default.  In other words:  If it
is documented in debian/copyright that some files will be excluded the
proper way to act for uscan would be actually to exclude the files.  We
rather would need an option

    uscan --no-exclusion (or --fetch-original ???)

to prevent uscan from doing so.  BTW, we also would need an according
USCAN_NO_EXCLUSION (or whatever name we decide) for /etc/devscripts.conf
and ~/.devscripts.

Kind regards



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