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Re: Recommends for metapackages

On Tue, 2012-07-10 at 20:01 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 12-07-10 at 06:34pm, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
> > On Tue, 2012-07-10 at 18:10 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > > The very purpose of a meta-package is to _ensure_ that a certain set 
> > > of packages is installed, not just recommend them: All (not only 
> > > most) users of that package need all its dependencies satisfied - 
> > > those that don't should simply uninstall the meta-package.
> > 
> > Exactly! And as confirmation see below you will see gnome recommending 
> > and even suggesting, which is probably fine:
> [lots of more or less unrelated package dependencies snipped]
> > The most logical is that gnome-core does not depend on 
> > network-manager-gnome but the gnome package do. Indeed, experienced 
> > users will install gnome-core and select the rest manually.
> I disagree: Looking at the many other dependencies of gnome-core, it 
> clearly isn't meant as "smallest possible GNOME setup" but more 
I never said that, I'm looking for a gnome installation with most of
functionalities. I'm not interested in all functionalities. I'm not a
Linux newbe but not also a gnome expert which knows what should be
installed and what not. Typical use case is system administrator who
have configured network using ifup/ifdown, needs to provide a working
gnome for hist 1000 users, without having to figure out what they need
and what they don't need.

He don't want to learn how to use NM as his network configuration is
working for more than 10 years.

> "essential parts of what the upstream GNOME project has to offer" - as 
> its package description also clearly reflects.
And NM is not essential in my point of view even if I don't see how I
can do on my laptop without it and even if I love this package when I'm
switching from WIFI access point to another, I find it absolutely not
useful on a workstation with static IP and NFS (freezing the system each
time NM tries to handle the connection).

> When I want "smallest possible GNOME setup" i install gnome-session
As said before, I'm not looking for a minimal gnome, but for a typical
gnome installation.

I think this could be solved by relaxing dependency on gnome-core using
a new gnome-laptop package which depends on NM even if I think that this
is not mandatory:
  You just need to make 
     gnome-core recommends gnome-network-manger
     gnome depends on gnome-network-manager

I can argue that a network connection is not part of the core
functionality as gnome could work perfectly without network connection.


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