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Re: Recommends for metapackages

Le 11/07/12 11:14, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> Le mardi 10 juillet 2012 à 20:01 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit : 
>> I disagree: Looking at the many other dependencies of gnome-core, it 
>> clearly isn't meant as "smallest possible GNOME setup" but more 
>> "essential parts of what the upstream GNOME project has to offer" - as 
>> its package description also clearly reflects.
>> When I want "smallest possible GNOME setup" i install gnome-session.
> Yes, maybe we should advertise it more, but gnome-session should be
> self-contained, and enough for a bare GNOME desktop without any
> applications.

Indeed, I think it would be good if the three meta-packages gnome,
gnome-core and gnome-session would advertise each other in their long

Regards, Thibaut.

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