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Re: duplicates in the archive

El lun, 09-07-2012 a las 19:46 +0100, Ian Jackson escribió:
> Adam Borowski writes ("Re: duplicates in the archive"):
> > "Breaks unrelated software" on the system is a RC severity, and there's no
> > way one can say a windowing environment is related to core networking. 
> > Thus, I'd say, #542095 needs to be upgraded -- and changing Depends: to
> > Recommends: is a non-intrusive fix.  It will cause n-m to be installed
> > unless explicitely refused, just like you want it to be.
> I definitely think this should be fixed for wheezy.
> Adam earlier wrote on -devel:
>    I tested a good part of Gnome today without n-m and it appears there
>    are no regressions at all.  The only differences are:
>    * it gets rid of n-m icon in the systray (duh)
>    The dependency comes via gnome-core depending on
>    network-manager-gnome.
> To the Gnome maintainers: given that Adam has done this test, to check
> that things are OK without n-m, would you be willing to make this
> change to the gnome-core metapackage ?
> Thanks,
> Ian.

A system without network-manager is still usable even for desktop users.

I mean, for example, when Pidgin opens, and n-m is not available, it
just tries to connect directly to internet. When pidgin opens, and n-m
is active pidgin waits to connect until n-m gets connected. Sometimes is
annoying because other network interfaces may be active with full
internet and pidgin waits until n-m reports ready.

A similiar experience happens with Evolution.

But, ignoring the "a desktop works fine without n-m" thing, n-m makes
more, much more easy connecting to wifi networks, espeacially for
laptops. I suggest make Laptop task depend on n-m, in this way, n-m
don't get installed on desktop systems, just on laptop systems.

Atte. Félix Arreola Rodríguez,
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