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Re: [poll] Ubuntu column on DDPO visible by default?

Le vendredi 27 août 2010 à 07:14 +0200, Christian PERRIER a écrit :
> It was indeed really interesting to see (at DebConf) the funny way
> that all talks about such topics were mentioning "the Debian
> derivatives" when, indeed, all that they were talking about was
> Ubuntu. As I told to Matt Zimmermann later on in a private discussion,
> this sometimes sounds like ack'ing that Ubuntu is indeed very special
> as a Debian derivative (because of its prevalence) is something we are
> really scared of.

Does it mean that we should treat it specially? It is not only a matter
of prevalence, it is also a matter of preserving the rules of equity in
the project. I don’t recall us treating HP differently from our other
sponsors when they were (still are?) the largest one.

> I don't see handling Ubuntu in some special way in DDPO (as proposed
> in this discussion) as such an horrendous thing. Couldn't we simply
> ack the fact that having a bug report rate that is 10 times higher
> than the one in "core" Debian is making it special in some way?

Yes, it is special in some way. Is it special in a way that is in
relevant for us? That’s where lie my doubts.

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