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Re: [poll] Ubuntu column on DDPO visible by default?

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 12:08:54AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Maybe (as often) only the ones disagreeing decided to participate in the
> thread on -qa@? Also, the thread has been silent since the end of
> Debconf, so I'm quite surprised this come up now.

You sent the email in a very bad time, some people were (and still are) 
in holidays and for some people keeping up to date in reading email 
while DebConf is challenging :) 
Answering an email 3 weeks later is not late, sometimes you are busy in 
a given time and answering in a hurry is never a good idea.

> > About the change, I think caring about the status in Ubuntu should be 
> > something you choose and not something that is thrown at you by default
> > whether you want it or not. Could you please revert this?
> I think that the poll made it clear that a large majority of people on
> -qa@ were in favor of the change. With such a minor change (disabling it
> permanently for you is three clicks away -- Display config - Hide -
> Submit), I think that a short poll on -qa@ was enough.

Sorry, 20 voters does not look a big sample and 12 ok over 8 no-ok is not a 
large majority (60 %)

> But if you disagree and want to start that discussion again, feel free
> to start a poll on reverting the change in a wider audience, and with
> the duration you consider appropriate. (When the details are ready, I
> would prefer if you asked me beforehand if I also consider the poll
> setup appropriate, so we don't get into a "my poll is more correct than
> yours" problem.)

I don't think we should do a poll to decide this, we should discuss and
allow people to give arguments why they like the idea or not. You need to
give more than 2 days for that.

And please, do not say people has not complained in 3 weeks since you
made the change as an excuse, nobody complained neither about this
not being enabled by default in all the many months that information was 

I remember people complained about the ubuntu column when it was enabled 
firstly and the agreed solution there was turning it off by default.


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