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Re: [poll] Ubuntu column on DDPO visible by default?

Quoting Thomas Weber (tweber@debian.org):

> Launchpad is for. I mean, we don't have the information for the 120
> other derivatives there, either (should we ever have that, I'm not sure

As a side comment: we should maybe some day stop faking ourselves by
just seeing Ubuntu as "Yet Another Derivative". It is by two or even
more orders of magnitude the largest Debian derivative.

It was indeed really interesting to see (at DebConf) the funny way
that all talks about such topics were mentioning "the Debian
derivatives" when, indeed, all that they were talking about was
Ubuntu. As I told to Matt Zimmermann later on in a private discussion,
this sometimes sounds like ack'ing that Ubuntu is indeed very special
as a Debian derivative (because of its prevalence) is something we are
really scared of.

I don't see handling Ubuntu in some special way in DDPO (as proposed
in this discussion) as such an horrendous thing. Couldn't we simply
ack the fact that having a bug report rate that is 10 times higher
than the one in "core" Debian is making it special in some way?

(no need to remind me that the noise in LP bugs is considerably higher
than it is in Debian BTS: I know about that)

Shortly said: I missed Lucas' original poll but I would have answered
positively to it if I had answered.

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