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Re: [poll] Ubuntu column on DDPO visible by default?

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 07:42:07AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I don't see what a discussion on -devel@ would bring. We are unlikely to
> come up with a better choice of solutions than what we already have
> (keep it on by default, revert the change and make it disabled by
> default).

Maybe this is a stupid question, but what purpose does the Ubuntu column
have at all? If I'm interested in a package in Ubuntu, that's what
Launchpad is for. I mean, we don't have the information for the 120
other derivatives there, either (should we ever have that, I'm not sure
that "it's just 120 clicks and then it's stored in a cookie" would cut
it, btw.).


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