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Re: Josselin Mouette and Planet Debian

On Friday 19 December 2008 08:53, Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> wrote:
> > http://np237.livejournal.com/20741.html
> >
> > That method was attempted, the response from Josselin was "I will go on
> > shocking these people", along with several references to sodomy with a
> > broomstick and a link to a French web page which (according to Google
> > translation) has some detail about a sex act concerning a broomstick.
> >  See the above URL for details.
> >
> > Obviously simply telling him doesn't work.
> Well, the mention of this specific message was not in your initial mail. At
> least it gives ground to your claim.
> Honnestly, you don't share the irony pointed in the text. However, there
> was nothing personal in it. Furthermore, the perception of the tone and
> level of speech depends on the various culture.

Linking to messages by me, Manoj, and Miriam (in the "one of them" links 
section) is a direct personal attack.

> Being french too, I can assure you that pretending that someone has a
> broomstick in its ass is a very common expression for someone who it too
> much rigid. It is commonly used, and doesn't really shock, as far as I
> know. Probably it is the same with "kill him" or throwing away one's shoes
> (!) in other cultures..

The expression "broomstick in their arse" is also common in Australian 
culture.  It is even sometimes used without the intent to make an accusation 
of homosexuality.

However Josselin made it quite clear that he was not using the term as a 
collaquialism, but that he was directly referring to sodomy by his link to 
the French web page in question.


The creation of a fake picture of Manoj wearing leather makes it clear that 
Joss was intending to make an insinuation of homosexuality in order to 

> > The Ubuntu community includes many former and current members of the
> > Debian community.  It seems that they don't have a problem with the code
> > of conduct.   Why do you think that a code of conduct which works well
> > for Ubuntu would fail for Debian?
> Because we don't have the same culture. We don't work the same way, we do
> not have the same population and etc...

What cultural difference is there between Ubuntu and Debian apart from a 
tolerance for trolls?

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