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Re: I hereby resign as secretary

On Friday 19 December 2008 01:44, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> 
>         I am hereby resigning as secretary, effective immediately. I was

I'm sad to hear this.  I think that you have done a great job as secretary.

>         I concede that I have made mistakes with the current set of
>  votes. And the arguments being made now, after the vote was called and
>  started, are fairly compelling. But these arguments could have been
>  made when the vote page went up, when I was sending in the emails about
>  which option had how many seconds, or when the draft ballot was sent
>  in. There are, in my opinion, far more cogent arguments being offered
>  now, than there were in the discussion period, and had these being made
>  earlier, we would not have come to this pass.

One issue we face in this regard is that the vote doesn't get that much 
attention until the GR.  I have a limited amount of time to spend on Debian 
related activities (and the recent problems make me inclined to spend even 
less time on Debian).  That time limit doesn't allow me to get involved in 
the debian-vote mailing list.

I expect that there are others in a similar situation.

It would probably be good if people who have strong feelings about discussions 
on debian-vote would periodically blog about it before the GR is written.

>         While I must say that the mistake for this ballot lies at my
>  door, I am very distressed at the amount of vitriol that saturates the
>  project communication channels now. Subjectively, this seems worse now
>  than the flame filled days of yore -- because, back then, despite the
>  apparent flames, people used to be amicable and friendly with the
>  people they occasionally had heated discussion with. That seems to have
>  passed, with real meanness being far more prevalent than before.

It's sad that yet another productive developer is resigning from duties due to 
the nasty environment that we have.

How often does this have to happen before we get a change?

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