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Re: Josselin Mouette and Planet Debian

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 10:28:09PM +0000, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Friday 19 December 2008 08:53, Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> wrote:
> > Being french too, I can assure you that pretending that someone has a
> > broomstick in its ass is a very common expression for someone who it too
> > much rigid. It is commonly used, and doesn't really shock, as far as I
> > know. Probably it is the same with "kill him" or throwing away one's shoes
> > (!) in other cultures..
> The expression "broomstick in their arse" is also common in Australian 
> culture.  It is even sometimes used without the intent to make an accusation 
> of homosexuality.
> However Josselin made it quite clear that he was not using the term as a 
> collaquialism, but that he was directly referring to sodomy by his link to 
> the French web page in question.
> http://np237.livejournal.com/21451.html
> The creation of a fake picture of Manoj wearing leather makes it clear that 
> Joss was intending to make an insinuation of homosexuality in order to 
> offend.

I'm really speechless... I mean, even from you I'm still not sure it's
not a practical joke.

"Avoir un balai dans le cul" has to do with the "rigidity" of if. It
alludes to people being obtuse and taking offense from completely silly
things. A bit like you're doing actually. But of course, I'm only
French, and for sure you know more than French people if "Avoir un balai
dans le cul" is colloquial or not.
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