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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Le lundi 16 juillet 2007 à 12:32 -0500, Steve Greenland a écrit :
> > Kernel modules don't clutter the user interface.
> But all those KDE packages clutter my usage of aptitude. So do the
> windowmaker packages. And all those damn perl packages.

Nothing to do with the user interface (which in this case should be
improved to filter out packages you don't want to see), but I would be
glad if we could clean the archive of its unmaintained and/or useless

> Just because *you* don't use something doesn't make it unimportant. 

Just because you use something doesn't make it necessary.

> One
> of the big values of Debian is a long time tolerance and support of a
> variety of users and use patterns, even those that are non-mainstream.
> If you find the Debian menu to be clutter, fine. Ignore it, or change
> the configuration to skip it.

This is exactly what I am asking for.

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