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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Le vendredi 13 juillet 2007 à 16:54 -0400, Joey Hess a écrit : 
> I've gotten some bug reports lately asking for desktop files to be added
> to packages like xgalaga and kobodeluxe, and saw some others in the BTS.
> All of these packages, of course, already include Debian menu files. But I 
> don't understand what the rationalle is behind adding a desktop file to a
> package that includes a Debian menu file and is not a Gnome/KDE component.

The Freedesktop.org menu is not meant to be limited to GNOME and KDE

IMO the Debian menu should be entirely deprecated unless something
serious is done about it. Currently: 
      * It is utterly and absolutely ugly. 32x32 XPM icons are not
        matching the graphic quality we have on the rest of the desktop.
      * Its structure is impractical. Most important things are in
        Applications/, which adds a menu level with no use, and several
        submenus are useless.
      * Most importantly, it is absolutely full of useless stuff.

Why do we need a menu entry for each shell ? A user who wants another
shell is most probably capable of running it himself.
A menu entry for each window manager? WTF? We can select them from the
display manager now.
A menu entry for yelp? It is already accessible from all applications
needing it and from the GNOME panel.
An entry for each python/TCL/guile interpreter on the system? Can't
developers use terminals? 
An entry for each of the bsdgames? For nano? For so many terminal
applications that you want to run, well, in a terminal?

Apart from a few games (see the initial request you were faced with), I
can't find anything in the Debian menu which is neither already in the
GNOME menu at a better place, or simply completely unsuitable for a
graphical menu.

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