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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

* Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> [070714 15:41]:
> The fact there are use cases does not mean it *must* have a menu entry.
> You can pretty much find use cases for very rare and useful for a
> only a couple people things, and yet not have to include a menu entry for
> that for everyone.

Switching the window manager on the fly is in my eyes one of the most
important features of all. Most window managers hardly support it per
command line, and mistyping while entering it can terminate your
session, which is not nice at all.
So the feature is almost only useable when it is in the default menu.

It's useful (and regulary used) for:
        - debugging and testing programs (how does this resize work
          with this wm, how with this, are the style hints understood
          by all,...)
        - using a computer by a group. (multiple people thinking about
          an article, one after the other having the task of writing,
          then it is very nice to have the wm changed with a few clicks
          or key presses).
        - explaining stuff. If people come to ask for help, having the
          same window manager active like them makes it much easier to
          understand you (most peoples are not that good at abstracting
          the wm away, especially tilded vs overlapping) when you can
          just fastly change the wm to explain/show and change back once
          they are gone.
        - buggy programs failing with some WMs.

How about next suggesting to remove all modules for hardware less than
10% of users have? That would help much to not clobber the kernel image

	Bernhard R. Link

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