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BoF: Supporting 15,000 packages - How much support do we mean?

There were some discussions on -private (and possibly here?) earlier in
the year about quality vs quantity of packages.

It should be clear to most developers that our many packages are not all
equal in quality; nor are all maintainers. Not everyone is aware that
packages in a stable release may have serious known bugs - even security
bugs - that won't get fixed because of overstretched or MIA developers,
or lack of upstream support. There is a trade-off between quantity and
quality of packages in the archive, and Debian is not as selective as
many other distributions.

I don't think we want to start grading maintainers and I believe there's
a consensus that we should not be more selective about packages, but I
think it would be a service to our users to grade how well supported
packages are. I have a number of ideas for ways in which this could be
done, but I think a discussion would yield something better that might
eventually be accepted cover a whole release.

So there will be a BoF at DebConf about this.


Ben Hutchings
For every complex problem
there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

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