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Re: cdrtools

Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:

> > Do you really believe that you are able to deflect from the main problem: 
> >
> > The original sources do not have such bugs and many Debian users that 
> > did write bug reports against the Debian version of cdrtools did already
> > switch to a self compiled original source in order to get a working cdrecord.
> >
> > Why don't you read my reply?
> I rather burn my own CDs/DVDs and see for myself if the program works.
> Your source: total failure.
> Debian source: works perfectly for years.
> Conclusion: Debian patches are GOOD. And that for years and years.

Nice try for trolling:

This is of course a lie.....or why don't you like to prove it:


Come back to reallity, the k3b maintainers did already give up with
Debian versions of cdrtools and use self-compiled unmodified originalsources.

Guess why? It is the Debian variant that dioes not work while the original
works out of the bix.


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