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Re: cdrtools

Le lundi 07 août 2006 à 10:56 +0200, Joerg Schilling a écrit :
> 	My software is definitely free and has no license problems.

You may think so, but the Debian project doesn't. For example, a recent
GR stated that invariant sections aren't acceptable for the specific
GFDL case, and there is no reason why they would be acceptable for
cdrecord. Furthermore, there are issues with the CDDL and currently no
CDDL-licensed project has been accepted.

All of this, without even taking into account your brain-dead licensing
mix between CDDL and GPL - which are intentionally incompatible
licenses, according to Sun guys.

> If people from Debian continue to publish untenable assertions on my software,
> it is obvious that those people from Debian are only interested in a 
> calumniation campaign aganst me.

People from Debian are interested in building a free distribution, not
in trolling with software authors crying out loud because they aren't
able to understand how licenses work. We decide what's acceptable for
our project, and you don't have a single word to say about that.

> Note that this makes Debian incredible. If it is impossible to find
> a reasonable person at Debian, I will need to inform other people about the
> problems in the Debian project. The way _you_ and other people from Debian
> currently act, makes Debian a definitely non-free project :-(

Indeed, you are not free to add whatever piece of crap to the Debian
archive regardless of the license. Call it a non-free project if you
want, but this would only look like a calumniation campaign against us.
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