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Re: cdrtools

Hi Joerg,

Le 09.08.2006 15:33, Joerg Schilling a écrit :
If you don't know that you just need to use a clearly _different_ _name_
for such a fork, I can't help you. Read the preamble from the GPL to understand your fault.

Beside the licensing issues, why do you care so much patched version of your software to be distributed with big WARNINGS, a different name and tutti quanti ? AFAIK, each Linux distribution have a huge bag of patches it applies on the Linux kernel and the reputation of the kernel devels is not compromised. And it's quite the same about gcc and many pieces of free softwares. Aren't you afraid that your reputation is _far_ more about the issues to ditribute your software than about the quality of your software ?

Jean Parpaillon

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