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Re: cdrtools

Joerg Schilling dijo [Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 12:24:57PM +0200]:
> As long as people from Debian are on calumiation campaigns aginst
> OSS authors, Debian needs to be called non-free.

It's not like publishing software under an allegedly free license
makes you a saint, you know?

> > GR stated that invariant sections aren't acceptable for the specific
> > GFDL case, and there is no reason why they would be acceptable for
> If Linux Distributions would not distribute bastardized versions of cdrecord,
> there was no need to add the statements you might be talking about.

Any free license allows for forking, allows for us modifying and
redistributing your work. If we consider some parts of your code
unfit, and you say you write Free Software, you should not have a
problem accepting us to distribute those changes to your
sources. Why are you so bitter about it to call "bastardizing" what
should be called "distributing modified versions of"?

> You should better inform yourself on the Debian project and about the 
> GPL. The phrases that are inside cdrecord, have been clearly accepted by Debian
> more than 4 years ago and they have been 100% GPL compatible as long as 
> cdrecord was published under GPL. Note that there are no invariant sections
> in my sofware. As long as you do not create problems with my reputation (which 
> meand that you may need to call cdrecord e.g. "kindergarten", you may apply 
> any changes you like....).

Thing is that different programmers will look differently at the same
problem - And if most people looking at your approach feel it should
not be done that way, what's your big problem with them modifying your
logic? They are not "creating problems with your reputation". They
label the software as originally written by you, but maintained for
Debian by another Joerg, an Eduard and a Steve.

> There are definitely NO issues with the CDDL. The CDDL gives at least
> as much freedom as the GPL does and the CDDL is a first class OSS license.
> It has been accepted by the OSI and this is sufficient for anybody.

...By OSI. That's an important part, but not all of, the Free Software


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