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Re: a desperate request for licence metadata

John Hasler wrote:
> > Are you saying that if I write a highly original stream of conciousness
> > novel that is judged by the critics to be of abysmal literary quality
> > that I will be denied a copyright in Norway?
> Thiemo Seufer writes:
> > If the average audience consistently says "this is useless crap" then
> > that's basically the outcome. (Copyright wouldn't be denied, it is either
> > inherent in the work or not there at all. There's no copyright
> > registration like in the US, it's not needed.)
> You appear to contradict yourself.  Do I have a copyright, or do I not?

You have if your work is worthwile to be protected.

> (BTW copyright is also automatic in the US.  Registration is only required
> just before you file suit, and then it's just a matter of a form and a
> small fee with no possibility of denial).
> > When they need external expertise they may do for that specific case.
> So if I brought suit against someone for making unauthorized copies of my
> Usenet articles a court guided by panel of literary critics might rule them
> not worthy of protection?

If the court finds it can't decide the matter without "a panel of
literary critics" this may happen.


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