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Re: a desperate request for licence metadata (was Re: migrating w iki content from twiki (w.d.net) to moinmoin (w.d.org))

[Humberto Massa Guimarães]
> Yes, you do need a license to the content of your books. Only thing is,
> when you buy a book you are buying the right to read it. NOT the right
> to copy it. NOT the right to modify it. NOT the right to redistribute
> (modified or not) copies.

Actually, in Norway, I got a limited right to copy it, a given right
to modify it, a limited right to distribute it, and a limited right to
distribute copies.

And I find that these rights are sufficient for my use of the books.

> The wiki content is useful for other people, not only for them to
> read, but also for them to copy, modify and redistribute. And for
> them to do just that they need an explicit license.

Which I fail to understand, as the limited rights provided to me by
law should be sufficient for the wiki content in most cases.

Is it not like this where you are?

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