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Re: a desperate request for licence metadata

John Hasler wrote:
> Petter Reinholdtsen writes:
> > We have the the same limitation in norwegian law, were the work need to
> > have (the norwegian expression) "verkshøyde", which implies a certain
> > quality level as Andreas puts it.
> Do you mean quality or originality?

The amount of creativity the author put in _successfully_.

> Are you saying that if I write a
> highly original stream of conciousness novel that is judged by the critics
> to be of abysmal literary quality that I will be denied a copyright in
> Norway?

If the average audience consistently says "this is useless crap" then
that's basically the outcome. (Copyright wouldn't be denied, it is
either inherent in the work or not there at all. There's no copyright
registration like in the US, it's not needed.)

>Is buggy spaghetti code not protected in Germany?

Computer programs are exempted from that requirement.

> > As for the quality of the product of the entertainment industry, I'm not
> > sure if your judgement matches that of the law.
> That's the problem.  How does the law judge the quality of works of
> authorship?  Do the courts employ panels of literary critics?

When they need external expertise they may do for that specific case.


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