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Re: Bug#326919: ITP: libpostscriptbarcode -- A barcode generator written entirely in PostScript

  [Terry Burton]
> > Since this resource is written in PostScript and interpretted
> > within the virtual machine of a printer it is compatible with
> > virtually any operating system and hardware platform.

[Stefano Zacchiroli]
> Is this latter part of your long description relevant to and/or useful
> for the debian package?

We had this discussion already, see #316087.

The short version: it *is* relevant that this is written in postscript
and interpreted by a printer, because that's the whole point.  It's a
"library" to be embedded directly in your PostScript documents.
Exactly what applications will use this, I guess, remains to be seen.
Maybe some people enjoy creating bar codes from shell scripts; this
file will make it fairly easy to do so, if you know PostScript.

I agree that the description does not need to mention that it works on
all sorts of non-Debian systems.  Debian users won't care.

Terry, instead of filing this bug, you should have retitled #316087 to
"ITP".  Since you didn't, you should still retitle that bug, then merge
it with this one.


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