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Re: Documentation of alioth?

* Raphael Hertzog:

> Now haydn is running sarge so it's relatively easy to duplicate alioth
> on a local (virtual) machine (before the mixture of woody/sarge was
> suboptimal). You have the sources and the packages running on alioth...
> you can provide patches that apply to Alioth's version of gforge.

This is ridiculous.  With this attitude, you will never receive any
substantial help with alioth system administration.  It's unlikely
that anyone who 

For example, issue #301374 is caused by explicit configuration which
disables POST requests, in /srv/svn.debian.org/etc/apache.conf:

        <Location />
                <LimitExcept GET HEAD OPTIONS PROPFIND>
                        deny from all

It's unlikely that someone rebuilding alioth from scratch would make
the same mistake (and you can't really reuse all these configuration

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