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Re: Documentation of alioth?

Le lundi 11 juillet 2005 à 09:17 +0200, Marc Haber a écrit :
> Mailing list moderation is broken for like three months. There is an -
> unreplied - tracker ticket (#301440) open, people have been prodded on
> IRC multiple times, and all I got - after two weeks of trying to get
> this issue at least acknowledged - was a "yeah, there is an
> incompatbility between gforge and mailman".
> Same goes for tracker ticket #301374 - open since three months, not a
> bit of reply.

I never said we were perfect. But alioth is not "unmaintained".
Gforge has its bugs, you're more than welcomon to work on it...

> I do not care too much about alioth's internal problems. Fact is that
> important parts of alioth infrastructure are broken since multiple
> months, users are ignored, and nobody seems to care. This makes _my_
> work as a DD significantly harder since I have to look after my
> mailing lists manually since a quarter of a year.

Did you try to check where the problem is ? Did you try to prepare a
patch for us to apply ?

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