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Re: Documentation of alioth?

Le mardi 12 juillet 2005 à 16:32 +0200, Florian Weimer a écrit :
> > Why should I spend days building a reference system for bug
> > reproduction and bug removal when the actual buggy system is readily
> > available to its admins?
> Or, put in a more constructive way, what is the correct way to proceed
> if you want to debug such bugs yourself, on Debian's machines?
> Suppose I had an afternoon to spare on such a bug, how could I help
> the alioth maintainers?

I tried to put all the answers to your questions in that page:

Now haydn is running sarge so it's relatively easy to duplicate alioth
on a local (virtual) machine (before the mixture of woody/sarge was
suboptimal). You have the sources and the packages running on alioth...
you can provide patches that apply to Alioth's version of gforge.

Apart from some logs, all the configuration files are readable on alioth
so you can investigate problems like everyone. (BTW, I'm mostly in the
same situation than everyone, I don't have root rights to read the

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