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Re: libxml++2.10

> > For one of our internal projects, libxml++2.6 was too old.
> > So I've created a package for libxml++2.10, using debian/ dir for the
> > latest libxml++2.6 package.
> I packaged it for Ubuntu - libxml++2.6 and libxml++2.10 were never
> designed to be installable parallely.

I believe my package could be installed parallely with 2.6
However, I don't know if it is worth doing so.

> I talked to upstream and they 
> said, the ABI broke during the development unintentionally, but we
> should better stick to libxml++2.6-2.10.0 and recompile the dependent
> packages.

Is 2.10 backward-compatable with 2.6 at ABI level ?

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