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Re: OT: No unsubscribe signature?

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Pascal Hakim wrote:

> In my experience as a listmaster, the people who like to complain about
> the fact that we add a signature on the bottom of every email, will
> usually find a number of other things they dislike. [...]

That's funny. I don't like the high number of spam messages I receive
from the lists. Does that mean I am wrong by thinking that we should
not add a footer to every message?

> Placing a footer in list traffic is a compromise between modifying
> messages as little as possible and trying to help people find a way
> to get their questions answered.

A bad compromise, I would say. The footer is harmful for a number of
reasons (for example, it ends up being quoted over and over again
in some threads, and we already have RFC-compliant headers for that).
Those who know how to unsubscribe should not pay the price for those
who don't know.

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