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Re: OT: No unsubscribe signature?

Pascal Hakim wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > I guess if you don't want a footer on your messages you can always
> > send them out with a quoted-printable encoding.  :-)
> In my experience as a listmaster, the people who like to complain about
> the fact that we add a signature on the bottom of every email, will
> usually find a number of other things they dislike. Placing a footer in
> list traffic is a compromise between modifying messages as little as
> possible and trying to help people find a way to get their questions
> answered.

I was not really complaining about the list footer.  I understand the
frequency with which people are clueless about mailing lists and so
something needs to be done to make it so blatently in their face that
when they still fail to get it that they have no excuse.  They will
still miss it but they will just have no excuse.  I was just making a
humorous observation about how it was possible to avoid the footer.
Not really complaining about the footer at all.


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