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Re: Ignoring the truth or Hiding problems?

Op zo, 19-12-2004 te 18:48 +0100, schreef Goswin von Brederlow:
> Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:
> > Your other ideas about time-limiting positions is wrong.  I am not
> > able to name a single person in Debian I'd rather have as DAM than
> > James.  He might have much to do and be slow in his duties, but what's
> > more important is the trust he has.  The other people who might have
> > the same level of trust usually don't want to become DAM.
> And what if he dies tomorrow? Debian will be left with no DAM, no past
> DAM, noone that has the vaguest idea how to handle the
> job. (overstating to make a point).

Actually, we have two DAMs currently: Joey Schulze and James Troup.
Currently, James is the only one actually processing NM requests
(because he's got the most experience in doing so), but should he ever
(touch wood) run under a car or something, then there /are/ people ready
to take over.

> Limiting the time is as much a means to prevent people hogging the
> position as ensuring new people are trained and old people are
> available for help.

... and a way to ensure that those people with the most experience in
some job do not get to do it, so that the job isn't done properly.
Thanks, but no thanks.

> Also the time could be limited the following way:
> - A role position must be elected whenever a volunteer (not the
> current holder) steps up for election but no sooner than X years after
> the last.

That's not how Debian works.

> PS: Given the inflamatory nature of mentioning DAM in such a thread
> maybe a different role should be used as example in the future.

This is hardly possible, given the fact that these "we need to improve
our processes" threads usually are in fact "I don't like James" threads.

What really happens in these threads is that there is a temporary
problem which is being complained about by some people. Since this is
about a crucial part of our project, a massive flame war results. A
month later, some solution is worked out (which is being implemented but
not sent to -devel or -devel-announce, because doing that is really just
generating extra noise), and everyone forgets about it -- except for
those who just don't like James.

The last time this happened (when James was the subject of the flame)
was around FOSDEM, about 9 months ago. Doesn't that tell you anything?

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