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Re: Are mails sent to xxxx <at> buildd.debian.org sent to /dev/null ?

Op zo, 19-12-2004 te 20:03 +0100, schreef Ingo Juergensmann:
> When I wanted to test it on m68k (where there was need for extra testing)
> the memory requirements were way too high for that 12 MB system. So, no
> testing possible for d-i, whereas installation with b-f worked. 

When I wanted to test the woody installation on one of my machines (my
then to-be firewall, a 486 machine), memory requirements were too high
for that 8MB system, whereas it worked for potato.

I'd say it isn't anything spectacular that newer systems require more
RAM. D-i contains a /lot/ of new functionality and usability
improvements which will also benefit m68k users. That initial versions
required 32MB of RAM was a pain and made it hard for the m68k port, but
there have been reports of users successfully installing on (IIRC) 16MB
m68k systems, even if that installation took quite a while (as in, a few

It isn't really fair to be angry at a bug which has long been fixed in
the mean time.

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