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Re: Ignoring the truth or Hiding problems? (was: Are mails sent to xxxx <at> buildd.debian.org sent to /dev/null ?)

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 11:02:10AM -0500, Clint Adams wrote:
> > Could you please stay with the facts instead playing word games by citing
> > different things in a manner that fits best your word play?
> > Yet I've not seen any real answer to the original posters problem. Just bad
> > excuses as yours.
> You talk about non-responsiveness from the mipsel buildd admin, and then
> you conclude that James is the root of the problem.  How does that
> follow?

I thought you would recognize an example on your own without being advised
explicitly at it.
The mipsel buildd admin is *one* example of non-responsive buildd-admins. 
Ryan is for sure another problem case - as James is in general being DAM,
ftpmaster, DSA, buildd-admin stuff, etc. 
Solving the "Ryan-problem" means also solving the "James-problem", because
it's a general problem of Debian.

So, what's the big problem then?

I believe the problem is that some persons are in their positions for a very
long time, which is no good idea in general because this enables
nepotism/cronyism (Kluengelei/Vetternwirtschaft in german). 
The people in those positions don't need to justify themselves against
anyone else because they are in those positions and can just relax and wait. 

How to solve this kind of problems and prevent futher nepotism?

Not only the DPL is a central and important position, but DAM, ftpmasters,
w-b admin and others are as well important and should be elected. 

"He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!"

Therefore I recommend to broaden the control of who controls the universe
and to ensure that not the same people have the control over and over again. 
- People in role positions should be exchanged/elected at a regular basis.
- no person should hold more than 2 positions at the same time
- a person should only be able to hold the position for 2 times in a row at
- whenever possible there should be a team to fulfill a position. Team
members should be exchanged at a regular basis. 

These ideas are not my own, but were formed when discussing the problems
with other DDs, who I expect to make a proper proposal for a change in
Debian when Sarge has been released - finally. It's more than overdue and
after that the problems really need to be addressed and solved.  

Ciao...              // 
      Ingo         \X/

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