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Re: Bug#229911: exim4-config: doesn't support smarthost with local mail and rewriting

On 2004-04-07 Andreas Metzler <ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at> wrote:
> * What's up with "satellite" ("mail sent by smarthost; no local
>   mail")? It currently expects you to use hostname -f in /etc/mailname
>   and later hides it with rewriting and uses the value given at "Domain
>   name for local users:". The only clean solution would be to abolish
>   this rewriting and use /etc/mailname as the "visible name". But
>   afaict this cannot be done without breaking upgrades from exim4 and
>   exim3.

I am still stuck with that.

Atrocities I am pondering to resolve this:

#1 In preinst:
if using satellite && upgrading
        Installation will break your mail setup. Continue?

#2 Introduce new configuration profile named
"Do not use this. It is for upgrades from older satellite systems
only. Do not use this."

    cu andreas
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