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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

Scripsit Jesus Climent

> This user might have a webmail based email (hotmail/yahoo/gmail). You expect
> him to open an editor (which he might not need in his daily use of the
> computer),

If he has access to email, the email system he uses will already
include an editor. We can assume that he will know how to operate that
editor, or how does he use email at all?

> fill the bug (without a guided tour on the bug: why, how, what),

If he has access to email (even a web-based interface), why do you
aassume that he cannot read the guided tour on

> copy&paste it in the webmail interface

He can write his bug report directly in the webmail interface if he so

> and send it to the right address.

"submit@bugs.debian.org" is not a lot of typing.

> > The social contract does nowhere state that we need to make it easy to
> > file bugreports that are useless because the submitter cannot be
> > contacted.

> If a bug is useless because the submiter cannot be contacted, maybe we are
> stablishing a broken communication channel.

If the user cannot be contacted, then there is *no* communication
channel, not even a broken one.

> Is not necessary the user's fault.

It is not necessarily the user's fault if he cannot be contacted, no.
But that doesn't mean that his bug report will be useful, either.

> > Why should we waste effort to get them into the system only
> > to be closed without any action?

> Wrong. If the bug is clear, simple enough with even a patch
> attached, there is no need to contact anyone.

As I said, users with enough clue to produce patches will also know
how to use email.

Henning Makholm                            "Manden med det store pindsvin er
                              kommet vel ombord i den grønne dobbeltdækker."

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