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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 10:19:33PM +0100, Henning Makholm wrote:
> If the user is incapable of communicating via email, there is no way
> to ask him supplementary questions to help narrow down what the bug is
> and how to fix it. Then he might as well not have filed the bug - it
> will most likely be tagged moreinfo and, after a number of years or
> months have passed, be closed in someone's spring cleaning.
> Yes, there *are* users who are capable of getting a useful bug report
> together in the first try, such that they don't need being asked
> questions. But I have a hard time imagining a user with that much clue
> who nevertheless is incapable of sending an email.

With d-i the network might (with high possibilities) end up configured using
dhcp. With the discover package, X might end up working fine. And with proper
task he might end up having a usable kde/gnome/...

Now, we have achieved a very much searched goal: any user can install our

This user might have a webmail based email (hotmail/yahoo/gmail). You expect
him to open an editor (which he might not need in his daily use of the
computer), fill the bug (without a guided tour on the bug: why, how, what),
copy&paste it in the webmail interface and send it to the right address.

I expect them to open the already intalled web browser, push the "report bug
button" that debian would include as a default bookmark, fill in a bug report
in a set of guided steps (indicating what the user should fill in), indicate
his mail address, and go to the email account to follow a link to confirm his
bug report.

And even have the possibility of reply to bugs using the same mechanism.

Now you tell me.

> If the user is incapable of communicating by email, the chances are
> narrow indeed that we will be able to learn anything from him.

read above

> The social contract does nowhere state that we need to make it easy to
> file bugreports that are useless because the submitter cannot be
> contacted.

If a bug is useless because the submiter cannot be contacted, maybe we are
stablishing a broken communication channel. Is not necessary the user's fault.

> EVERY bug filed by a user who cannot be contacted to clarify later is
> useless. Why should we waste effort to get them into the system only
> to be closed without any action?

Wrong. If the bug is clear, simple enough with even a patch attached, there is
no need to contact anyone.

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