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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise (Was: Debian Enterprise?)

On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 04:38:52PM +0100, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> Quoting David Weinehall <tao@debian.org>:
> > No, because if we only had, say, 3000 packages, a lot of people wouldn't
> > have their pet packages left in Debian, and thus nothing to care for...
> > Would you become an active apache2-maintainer if we dumped Roxen? After
> > all, we don't need more than one webserver, do we?!
> Yes we do, but we don't need xMb of Linux Gazette, 'lots' of megs for misc
> games etc. The list can probably be made long... That can be provided by
> any of the the Debian GNU/Linux derivates...

Ah, but it isn't the xMB's of Linux Gazette, games etc that are holding
back the release, but rather important packages such as glibc, xfree86
etc.  Generally, nothing depends on a game, so if games are everything
holding up a release, then "Tough luck - better luck next time", and lo!
they are gone.  This isn't the case for packages with a lot of
dependencies on them however.  Those packages hold up the release.
So if you really want to see a release soon, dig up the release-critical
bugs that holds up the largest amount of other packages and dig in.

Regards: David Weinehall
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