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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

"Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis" <luca@debian.org> writes:

> it was probably proven that oxygen was
> better thatn flogiston (I don't really know what both are)

He, this would be a great signature... (Luca, oxygen is the quite
essential stuff you breathe, constitutes about 20% of the air around

> If you are in charge of any position in a community you inevitably
> get a political role. You can take popular or unpopular decision,
> but in neither case you can behave rudely or cut disuccion short or
> take any mail lightly.  You are discussing with people from other
> countries with different language and different culture.  You _must_
> take time and give your best to explaint the reason of any choice
> you made because it's not obvious the the recipient might
> understand. _THIS_ is the problem.

No, in this particular case this was not at all the problem. The
original complaint explicitly stated that James' email was very polite
and also stated the reason for the rejection. In most of the other
conflicts surrounding James, it was not rudeness but lack of
communication which was mostly criticized. In the meantime, the NM
process has improved significantly, people are approved by the DAM
and, as I understand it, the waiting applicants got quite a lot of
feedback now. In fact, in the last DPL election I voted for Branden,
and one of the major reasons was the state of the NM process. I am
pleasantly surprised that Martin Michlmayr managed to improve the
situation without creating big conflicts, thanks to both him and James

> Do we want to talk about keyring?

What is the current state there? Do you have any evidence of James'
rudeness in discussions about the keyring (I haven't) or is this all
just about a gut feeling that you don't like him? If you think that
James is not able to fulfill all his duties, it is up to us (or the
DPL) to propose others to help or replace him. However, I do not see
much basis in fact for your allegations of rudeness, so please either
substantiate it or stop spreading such accusations.


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