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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> writes:
> I use the GNOME menu system, but I use the debian menu tree, since the
> standard GNOME tree is missing 90% of the installed software. I *really*
> don't want every menu entry to look like
> 	...->Editors->Text Editor (vi)
> 	...->Editors->Text Editor (emacs)

I agree, such menu entries would be pretty stupid, especially if in
a menu called `Editors'.

I don't mind the opposite that much though, e.g.,

	...->Editors->vi (Text Editor)
	...->Editors->emacs (Text Editor)

in this case it's a bit redundant because of the name of the containing
menu.  The web-browser case is a bit more clear, since they're in a
menu called just `Net'; something like the following seems OK to me --
it's a bit verbose, but not intrusive:

        ...->Net->Mozilla Firebird (Web Browser)
        ...->Net->Konqueror (Web Browser)

[In both of these case, I think it would still be fine even without
parentheses, but I'm not sure about the general case]

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