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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

Op donderdag 30 oktober 2003 17:14, schreef Steve Greenland:
> <snip> Tool
> tips work a lot better for this sort of thing, because they only show
> if I'm actually curious about a particular item. That's why tool tips
> were invented, it seems a shame to not use them (if the particular menu
> system supports tool tips at all, of course.)

You are thinking as a power-user/software-developer. You are curious about 
software you don't know. Joe Random user doesn't want to know what Konqueror 
is all about, he wants to get on the internet. No way he's going to hoover 
his mouse over all the menu entries until he finds what he wants.
Windows solves this by calling there browser _internet_ explorer, and not 
using "internet" anywhere else in the start menu.
I prefer the Konquror (Webbrowser) format, because that way all the programm 
names line up. IIRC this is the KDE default, allthough KDE allows the user to 
change it to just the programm name, or the generic name first.\
All in all, adding generic names to the menu system seems like a good idea. I 
don't think it's use should be mandatory for the menu implementations (kde 
menu, gnome menu, etc), but we should have the info available for those that 
do support it.
Casper Gielen

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