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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

> Sure, instead of genericnames.  User sees "Internet/konqueror", thinks
> wtf is that, RMB on the konqueror enty pops up a menu with entries
> which: fire up khelpcenter on the docs, do "apt-cache show `dpkg -S
> /usr/bin/konqueror` (whatever), etc.
> I think that would be more useful than cluttering up the menues with
> (probably redundant) stuff in parentheses designed to cater to
> someone who doesn't know how to use the system docs.

Bear in mind that desktop environments such as KDE and GNOME *already*
support genericnames.  These environments are designed to be friendlier
to new users and this is one of their approaches.  If you don't like
genericnames as a concept, write to KDE and GNOME upstream asking them
to drop support for them, or at least make it optional.

We're not talking about adding anything new here.  It's simply about
adding more information to the debian menu entries for environments that
*already* use this information for their own native applications.  If
your environment doesn't want it, it doesn't have to use it.

I repeat: adding genericname to debian menu entries need not affect
menu-methods that don't want to use it, it's a simple and completely
painless transition and it allows non-native apps to integrate with a
feature that environments such as KDE and GNOME *already* provide.

It's not about forcing this on systems that don't use it.  It's simply
about providing better support for systems that do use it.

Honestly, what's the harm?


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