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Re: debconf template translation

> > Well, drag them on -devel like those people who abuse changelogs.
> Here are bugreports I filed a long time ago and received no answer:
>      Bug number   Package     Date        Maintainer
>        138861    gs-common 2002-03-12  Torsten Landschoff
>        151726    htdig     2002-07-02  Stijn de Bekker
>        137057    kdebase   2002-03-06  Christopher L Cheney
>        139925    mped      2002-03-25  Roberto Suarez Soto
>        140825    openldap2 2002-04-01  Torsten Landschoff
> What do you suggest me to do in order to have these translations shipped?

I suggest sending patches would help, rather than giving
instructions on what file to download.

For example, 138861 contains a URL, but you could 
include a unified diff.

Reading your bugreport, it is not clear how or where to add the 
translation files, unless the maintainer has previous experience
with translations.


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