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Re: opening -private archives (was Re: Discussion - non-free software removal)

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> I would point out that all people with a vote also have access to
> -private, if they wish; everybody else is pretty much irrelevant.

Irrelevant as far as the voting goes, yes, but not completely
irrelevant. People who are not yet DDs may be interested in the
processes that shapped the project, or wish to see why a particular
decision was made.

> Why make them public?

So irrelevant people like myself can follow the discussion... 

Don Armstrong

I leave the show floor, but not before a pack of caffeinated Jolt gum
is thrust at me by a hyperactive girl screaming, "Chew more! Do more!"
The American will to consume more and produce more personified in a
stick of gum. I grab it. -- Chad Dickerson


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