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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 18:55, Nick Name wrote:

> On Sat, 02 Nov 2002 15:54:31 +0100
> Christian Marillat <marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> >  The swalloped functionality has been removed in 2.0
> > 
> >  Christian
> My God. 
> It's true that in gnome they never worked, but making them work could be
> useful.
> However, I've just had a confirmation e-mail from a gnome developer
> saying that I will never see viewports in gnome2. He has pointed me to a
> discussion which I still have to read.
> The only way to have viewports now is to make sawfish pager work well
> (some say that it works bad) and then write a panel applet called
> "sawfish-viewports-applet". Saying goodbie to consistency and usability.
> And, be sure, they will have to change the GPL to avoid me or someone
> else doing this OR create a new desktop environment. Too much people use
> to work with viewports. I know this topic has been longly discussed so I
> won't discuss it longer.
It's generally a lot better to convince people that your side of the
argument is better, if you go into the argument with working versions of
everything your arguing for.

Fix sawfish and the pager applets to have decent, fully working viewport
support, and you'd be amazed how many people will suddenly see your

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