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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

On Friday 01 November 2002 20:35, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le ven 01/11/2002 à 17:33, Colin Walters a écrit :
> > Are you serious?  If you actually want to make them parallel
> > installable, you are looking at an enormous amount of work.  Wouldn't it
> I haven't investigated the details, but (thanks to good packaging), only
> the core Gnome packages (panel, session, control center...) are not
> currently installable simultaneously. If it turns out to be too
> difficult, making the two versions conflict would be a reasonable backup
> solution.
> > be better to just work on adding back functionality that you miss from
> > GNOME 1.4 into GNOME 2?
> That would mean porting dozens of GTK-1.2 engines and themes to GTK-2.0
> (while the GTK developers admitted some of them would be very difficult,
> if not impossible, to port), patching several window managers so that
> they support Gnome 2, and changing completely the panel and the control
> center so that everything that was configurable in Gnome 1.4 is also
> configurable in Gnome 2. *That* is an enormous amount of work.
> > Also, GNOME 1.4 is not supported upstream at all.  It is outdated, buggy
> > technology.
> The GNOME developers choose to abandon many things, to obtain a very
> arguable result. If i want the GNOME 2 technology, i can have it in KDE.

Could you elaborate on that statement?



Yven Johannes Leist - leist@beldesign.de

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