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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

Nick Name <nick.name@inwind.it> writes:

> I am sorry, terminology is important, and I've used the wrong term by
> chance. I meant "virtual viewports". They do these things (sorry for
> poor english)

[description of why you'd want viewports *and* workspaces]

Yes.  When I heard that viewports were removed from gnome2 (and
workspaces were disabled by default), I was convinced that there was
no need to worry.  The people working on gnome/sawfish/metacity
probably know what they are doing and are surely smart enough to put
that right when they have the time.  This has been a killer-feature of
X11 window managers, one of the few desktop-features that I actually

Now I'm slowly starting to wonder.  Fixing the gnome menus is probably
more important, but the viewport feature is taking a bit long to get
fixed.  In fact, I got frustraded waiting and switched back to fvwm2.
Very sad, as one of the most important reasons for switching to gnome
at the time was a real programmable window manager :-( I still hope
this gets put right rsn.


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