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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

Le ven 01/11/2002 à 17:33, Colin Walters a écrit :

> Are you serious?  If you actually want to make them parallel
> installable, you are looking at an enormous amount of work.  Wouldn't it

I haven't investigated the details, but (thanks to good packaging), only
the core Gnome packages (panel, session, control center...) are not
currently installable simultaneously. If it turns out to be too
difficult, making the two versions conflict would be a reasonable backup

> be better to just work on adding back functionality that you miss from
> GNOME 1.4 into GNOME 2?

That would mean porting dozens of GTK-1.2 engines and themes to GTK-2.0
(while the GTK developers admitted some of them would be very difficult,
if not impossible, to port), patching several window managers so that
they support Gnome 2, and changing completely the panel and the control
center so that everything that was configurable in Gnome 1.4 is also
configurable in Gnome 2. *That* is an enormous amount of work.

> Also, GNOME 1.4 is not supported upstream at all.  It is outdated, buggy
> technology.

The GNOME developers choose to abandon many things, to obtain a very
arguable result. If i want the GNOME 2 technology, i can have it in KDE.
If i want the GNOME 1.4 technology, i can find it nowhere, except in
this "outdated, buggy" software.
Until there is another reasonable solution to obtain a desktop similar
to Gnome 1.4, and while it is not full of bugs and security holes, i
don't see any reason not to keep it in the archive.

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