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Re: Planned packages for sarge

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 09:39, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> fix up slang frontend to use slang-utf8, possibly.

I don't think this should be too hard.  I'll look at it later today. 
The slang frontend also needs to be made to actually use gettext for
strings like "Yes" and "No" - they are marked with _() already, but the
translation doesn't seem to be enabled.  The other frontends may well
have the same issue.

> b-f used a lightweight gettext, so we have 
> a few things to do before i18n will work on d-i)

You mean pointerize?  I think that should just drop straight into d-i
without a lot of work.  In any case, this is really just a matter of
refining the disk footprint rather than actual missing functionality:
it's certainly work something should be done, but it's probably not the
most urgent task.

> The more hairy part would be to start porting to other arches.
> The worst code in boot-floppies is probably the one for 
> creating the bootable image on each architecture
> (hello kernel.sh?), and d-i probably can't stay immune 
> from that :P

Kernel.sh and its friends don't scare me too much.  I think the worst
part of boot-floppies vis-a-vis maintainability has got to be dbootstrap
itself -- just getting rid of that would be a huge win.  Sure, the build
system is a bit crufty in places, but the interactions between the
different pieces are relatively easy to understand.


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