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Re: Planned packages for sarge

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Mark Howard wrote on Sun Jul 21, 2002 um 11:52:13AM:

> Are there any plans for what packages will go into sarge? or will you
> just wait xx months and freeze with whatever is there at the time. 
> IMHO, it would be better to plan what is expected to go in sarge, then
> the freeze can start as soon as these packages are ready and any other
> major releases will have to wait until sarge+1. Hopefully then new
> upstream releases won't hold back the next release. 
> A start of a list could look like:
> - new menu system

IMHO no. Transition would take too long.

> - PGI

Maybe as CD#1 on i386. Rest with boot-floppies installer.

> - KDE 3.0.x
> - GNOME 2.0.x
> - Apache 2
> - Perl 5.8

 - XFree86-4.2
 - cdrtools
 - mdadm (1.0)
 - Linux (2.4.19)
 - apt-i18n (?)

> I expect many people will have their own opinions about what should go
> into sarge, but what is really needed to make this work is some sort of
> approval of such a list by the important people (release manager)

My opinion is - begin the freeze in 2-3 months, deep freeze near to
Christmas and release in spring.

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